One the major benefits of Australian Achiever is that businesses are evaluated specifically against the peers within their own sector. Our extensive list of 25 categories has been developed to ensure we cover the majority of industries, however if you don’t see a category that you feel your business fits you can also enter into the Specialised Services & Supplies category.

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    • Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Services
    • Animal & Pet Services & Supplies
    • Architect Services, Building Design, Building Construction & Interior Design Services
    • Automotive Industry Services
    • Beauty Services & Supplies
    • Bridal & Wedding Services & Supplies
    • Building Repair, Restoration & Carpentry Services
    • Building Services & Supplies
    • Care, Disability & Retirement Services
    • Childcare Services & Supplies
    • Cleaning & Maintenance Services & Supplies
    • Consultancy, Training & Employment Services
    • Dental Health Services
    • Finance & Insurance Services
    • Function, Conference, Event & Exhibition Services
    • Hairdressing Services
    • Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Services
    • Information & Communications Technology Services
    • Landscape, Nursery & Garden Services & Supplies
    • Real Estate Services
    • Restaurants
    • Security Industry Services & Supplies
    • Specialised Services & Supplies
    • Transport, Delivery & Relocation Services & Supplies
    • Travel, Tourism & Accommodation Services

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations Services

This category covers advertising specialists, marketing agencies, digital advertising, SEO and online specialists, web designers, public relations / PR firms, communications consultants, market researchers, sales trainers and specialists, promotional material printers and suppliers, and the list goes on.  How does your customer service compare to others in your industry?

Animal & Pet Services & Supplies

Veterinary clinic, practice and surgery, doggy day-care, pet minding, kennel, cattery, animal enclosures, dog walking, dog training, home-care pet services, pet grooming, animal control, pet shop, pet supplies, pet beds and covers, horse riding school, etc… if you provide a service designed around our four legged, winged or slithery friends then this category is for you. Your passion is for animals, and does your passion for customer service match?

Architect Services, Building Design, Building Construction & Interior Design Services

Home builders, building groups, constructions companies, architects, interior designers, painters, decorators, this award will highlight your customer service excellence and help you stand out from the pack.

Automotive Industry Services

Mechanics, body works & repair, refinishers, accident repair, detailers, panel beaters, truck outfitters, trailer dealers, windscreen suppliers, auto accessory suppliers, etc… this category is for you.

Beauty Services & Supplies

Attracting beauty clinics, skin therapy clinics, laser clinics, day spas, nail technicians, lash experts, waxing experts, beauty supplies wholesalers, if you deal in beauty services and supplies, this category is for you. Whether you provide services to celebrities or the everyday customer off the street – we can help assess your customer service delivery and show you how you compare to others in your industry.

Bridal & Wedding Services & Supplies

Wedding planners, wedding dress suppliers, couture design and fabric, bridal wear services and supplies, bridal makeup, wedding gifts and favours, wedding stationery, wedding event specialists and caters, wedding cakes, florists, bridal hire cars, wedding photographers, wedding reception venues, wedding performers. Does your customer service set you apart from the rest? Stand out from the crowd.

Building Repair, Restoration & Carpentry Services

Handyman, building repair, foundation repair, roofing supplies, flood restoration, water damage & mould repair, furniture restoration, renovation services, electrician, cabinets, kitchen construction. An award can help shine a light on your exceptional customer service.

Building Services & Supplies

Home inspections, building surveyors, pest inspections, pest controllers, electrician, excavation, demolition, crane operators, plumbing, building supplies; lighting, timber, hardware, glass, elevators… and everything in between.  Stand out from the crowd with an Australian Achiever Awards endorsement. 

Care, Disability & Retirement Services

Do you provide services to the elderly, the disabled or those needing assistance? This category covers retirement villages, aged care facilities, nursing agencies, disability service providers, and so on.  Having an Australian Achiever Award endorsement speaks volumes for your customer service delivery and gives families the peace of mind they need when leaving loved ones in your care.

Childcare Services & Supplies

Childcare facilities, day-cares, home daycare providers, pre-schools, kindergartens, this category is for you. Having an Australian Achiever Award for customer service displayed quickly and easily communicates to your clients the value you place on customer service and can show prospective clients how much you care. Set yourself apart from other providers with this award.

Cleaning & Maintenance Services & Supplies

Property and facility services, cleaning, property management, commercial cleaners, domestic cleaners, dry cleaners, facility maintenance suppliers, this category is for you.  Are your clients delighted with your service? Participating in the Australian Achiever Awards demonstrates your commitment to customer service.

Consultancy, Training & Employment Services

Employment and recruitment services, specialised training, trainers, training establishments, and business consultants and industry consultancy agencies. These businesses can cater to many sectors and are very specialised in what they do. Interacting with clients every day, for these businesses to succeed, their customer service must be top-notch. 

Please note this category was previously named: Employment, Training & Consultancy Services.

Dental Health Services

Dentists, dental specialists, cosmetic dentistry, orthodontists, suppliers of veneers, braces and Invisalign.  Are your clients leaving with an even bigger smile due to your exceptional customer service?  An award can direct the spotlight to your service to help it shine.

Finance & Insurance Services

Financial services, financial planning, accounting practices, bookkeepers, wealth creation advisors, investment specialists, property investment consultants, loan providers and financiers, debt recovery services, funds management, insurer and insurance brokers.  Does your customer service set your business apart? 

Function, Conference, Event & Exhibition Services

Function, conference, event and exhibition space, venue hire, event services, event catering, event planning, conference management, event design, styling and decor… this category is for you. Are your clients delighted with your service? Participating in the Australian Achiever Awards demonstrates your commitment to customer service.

Hairdressing Services

In the world of hairdressing, your skills might keep clients coming back, but if your attitude and care for the client is extraordinary, you generally have a client for life! How do you prove your salons remarkable attitude and commitment to service?... with an Australian Achiever Award.  Easily stand out from other salons in your area - display your awarded logo with our window decal on your shopfront for quick credibility.

Health, Fitness & Wellbeing Services

Health clubs, gyms, personal trainers, massage services, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists, alternative therapies, yoga schools, health workshops, medical clinics, optometrists … you name it.  If your aim is to improve a person's wellbeing, this category is for you.

Information & Communications Technology Services

For those who specialise in computer systems, software solutions, IT diagnostics, software installation, computer repair, computer hardware supplies, corporate technology diagnostic, design and solutions, cloud storage, internet services, etc…  ICT includes Software, Hardware, Transactions, Communication Technology, Data, Internet Access, Cloud Computing.  This industry is forever growing and requires an in-depth understanding of customer needs in order to provide the best solutions. 

Please note this category was previously named: Computer Systems, Software & Internet Services

Landscape, Nursery & Garden Services & Supplies

Open to all types of businesses servicing this industry, including landscapers operating as a one-person team to franchised fleets, garden and outdoor space designers, outdoor construction, irrigation systems, pavement landscaping, greenhouse suppliers, plant and nursery supplies, etc.

Real Estate Services

Open to real estate agents, property consultants and advisors, property buyers, and any business who deals in the world of property. Real estate agencies, whether you have one outlet or multiple franchisee locations across Australia, we can help assess and reward your customer service delivery. Organisations with multiple facilities/franchise outlets can benefit from extra reporting provided to their head office – speak to us about how you can access this extra service for free.


Indian, Asian, Italian, Australian, whatever the food you provide, your restaurant, café, bar will thrive when your employees customer service skills are superior to the rest. Find out how you compare to others in your industry. Our restaurant winners find the Australian Achiever Awards Window Decal to be a particularly fantastic marketing tool in attracting more patronage.  The decal on shopfronts provides a fantastic and recognisable visual that easily alerts potential customers of your success.

Security Industry Services & Supplies

Attracting a large range of Security firms, this category has sub-categories for judging.  They consist of:
  • Guard and Patrol Services - Suppliers of manpower, crowd controllers and security guards.
  • Electronic Security - Manufacturers/On-sellers/installers of access control systems, alarm systems, CCTV, identification equipment and bio-metric security measures.
  • IT Security - Systems and network security, software design, hardware, firewall systems, net security and secure pay systems.
  • Specialised Services - Close personal protection, training, event management, risk and threat assessment, loss prevention, private investigators, CCTV monitoring and cash transit.
State Winners are awarded in each sub-category, and one National Winner is awarded for the greater Security Industry category.
Enter one or multiple sub-categories and receive results per each sub-category. The administration cost for the first sub-category is $298 + GST, and each additional sub-category is an extra $79 + GST. 

Specialised Services & Supplies

If one of the above categories does not quite fit what you offer, then our Specialised Services & Supplies category is for you. This category includes, but is not limited to: Baking, Pastry & Pasta Services & Supplies,  Education Industry Services,  Education, TV, Film, Audio & Video Services & Supplies, Fashion & Clothing Services & Supplies, Flower, Gift & Craft Services & Supplies, Legal Services, Meat & Poultry Services & Supplies, Office Services & Supplies, Pharmacy Services & Supplies, Photographic Services, Storage Services, Sign Industry Services & Supplies, Retail Wholesale Supplies and Other. 

When entering this category your business's judging will be completed and your results report provided to you within approximately 8 weeks from entry.  One National Winner will be awarded for the overall Specialised Services & Supplies category.  The National Winner will be announced at the end of the year.  See the terms and conditions for more details.

Feel free to talk to us about this category or where your business may fit.

Transport, Delivery & Relocation Services & Supplies

Transport companies, movers, removalists, storage facilities, freight management services. If you are involved in this field, and pride yourself on your customer service, achieving an Australian Achiever Award could help you stand out in your industry.

Travel, Tourism & Accommodation Services

Travel services, flight and travel agents, tourism activity providers, sightseeing companies, tourist parks, adventure tours, accommodation services, bed and breakfast, retreats, apartments, hotels, motels, air bnb providers… how does your customer service compare? Stand out and shine a light on your remarkable service with an Australian Achiever Award.