Is your business eligible to enter?

  • Must be an Australian business, operating in Australia.
  • Must be a service-based business dealing directly with customers.
  • Must be an SME; Small to Medium size business or franchise with fewer than 200 employees.
  • Must enter individual sites: Businesses with multiple sites (locations/offices/stores) can enter, however, if the sites are staffed by different employees, each must enter separately by location. Corporate packages are available for businesses with 5 or more sites.  Corporate packages include discounted entry fee, a Head Office report detailing insights across the group, and a Group Certification award if eligible.  Contact us for more details.
  • Must have been operating for at least 12 months.
  • Must not have an online footprint of negative reviews.
  • Must be able to submit 4 customers and 1 supplier as referees that Australian Achiever will contact via phone. They must be advised we are calling. Note businesses who enter in consecutive years must not submit the same referees within a 3-year period.
  • Must read and agree to the Entry Terms & Conditions.

Key points to note upon entry:

  • We assess a business across 8 key Customer Service pillars. Referees supplied must have had sufficient interaction with a business to be able to answer a variety of customer service-based questions.
  • We must verbally speak with a minimum of 3 customers and 1 supplier to complete a business’s assessment. If we cannot reach these referees, additional contacts will be requested.
  • The judging timeline may be extended due to unforeseen circumstances. The Schedule page advises the categories status and expected dates and will be updated with any changes.
  • Results are posted by mail via Australia Post. They are posted to a business’s postal address to the person nominated in the entry.
  • A category must have a minimum of three business applicants in order to run. If a lesser amount is received, judging still proceeds and the business is then entered into the Specialised Services & Supplies category.

Please review the full Entry Terms and Conditions here.

If you have any questions, please visit Frequently Asked Questions or contact us.