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From here on “we” means “Australian Achiever Pty. Ltd.”, and “you” means any awards entrant or other user of the Australian Achiever Awards services and products.


By creating a Business Profile on our website, you agree to our website Terms of Use.
We promise to only use the information you submit for the sole purpose of managing your business relationship with us. We will never share it with any third parties.


Entry open
Applicants may enter the awards at any time from the start of the year. A formal invitation to enter will be sent to past entrants around five weeks before the entry closure date.

Only Australian based businesses may apply.

We ask that you provide the details of four genuine customers and one genuine supplier, whom you have had business dealings with in the last 12 months. These referees must not be employed by your business in any way. We may ask you for proof of the relationship if necessary.

You may request us to talk to more (up to eight customers) at no additional cost. However, history shows that for the businesses who have entered every year over the last fifteen plus years, there is a significant consistency of results with using three to four customers.

Award Entry Submission
When submitting your entry, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. You are providing names and telephone numbers of four customers/clients (this includes one substitute name) and one trade supplier who have agreed to provide a verbal reference for your business. And all mobile numbers provided have a voicemail facility.
  2. The customers & supplier are aware that the Australian Achiever office will telephone them on the number provided during business hours, 9:00am to 5:00pm AEDST (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time) in order to document their references for judging.
  3. The customer referrals you provide are new contacts and have not been submitted in our Awards in the last two years.

Contacting Referees
Judging will commence and referees will be contacted in the two weeks following the category entry close date, unless otherwise stated or advised by us.

In order to finalise your assessment, we need to successfully complete a verbal survey with at least three of your clients and one supplier. One of our representatives will contact your referees until we have spoken with this minimum. Therefore, please be aware that one of the four customer referees you supply is considered a substitute and may not be contacted. If we cannot reach a minimum of three referees, you will be asked to supply more contacts.

We use a local Australia based call team to complete these calls.

Categories which receive less than three entries
A category must have a minimum of three entrants for it to run.
If there are fewer than three entrants in a category, entries are still administered and judging undertaken. You still receive your results notification and achieve a Highly Recommended status (if you achieve over 80%), or a State Winner status (if you achieve over 98%). Your results will then also be entered into our Australian Specialised Services & Supplies category. A National Winner will be selected from this category at the end of the calendar year, and you will be notified of the result.

Award levels
Highly Recommended is awarded to business who achieve an overall score over 80%.
State Winner is awarded to the highest scoring business (over 90%) in each state, per category. Note if in the Specialised Services category a State Winner is only awarded to those scoring over 98%.
National Winner is awarded to the highest scoring business in a category with three or more entrants. If a lesser number is received for any category, those entries will be placed in the Specialised Services category as detailed above.

Multiple outlet/Franchises – Corporate Package
If your business operates from multiple outlets you must advise us of this. If your staff work across the multiple outlets, then the one award can apply for multiple locations. However, if the different locations are franchises with different staff, the award cannot apply across locations and each location must apply separately. We have corporate packages available to assist with this scenario. Speak with us for more information.

Awards entry will only be confirmed once the entry administration fee has been paid. Payment can be made by Direct Deposit, PayPal or Credit Card.


Once a category closes, referees are contacted in the next two weeks. This time may extend by another one to two weeks depending on if they can be reached.

The date when a categories results will be announced is listed on our website. This is usually within six to eight weeks from when the category closed. Results are sent by mail by the notification date and will be announced online the following week, once participants have received their mail.


The conversations we have with your referees are confidential. This allows them the space to open-up and give truly genuine feedback. We are not able to reveal any scores they have given. General comments may be linked to their names, however only with their express permission.


Under 80%: Report with advice on steps to take for improvement.
Highly Recommended: Report, Media Release, Certificate, Window Decal, Digital Highly Recommended Logo, Listing on Australian Achiever Awards Website
State Winner: Report, Media Release, Certificate, Window Decal, Digital Winners Logo, Listing on Australian Achiever Awards Website, Promotion across Australian Achiever Social Media
National Winner: Report, Detailed Media Release, Framed Certificate, Window Decal, Digital Winners Logo, Listing on Australian Achiever Awards Website, Several promotions across Australian Achiever Social Media, Promotional image, Winner’s Trophy, Photo on Australian Achiever Awards Website


All entrants will receive a results notification pack, including results report. This pack will also include a media release, certificate and decal for businesses achieving over 80%.

Our measurement is based solely on customer service issues.

We award businesses based on their Overall Score, whilst also providing benchmark feedback scores on their separate customer service pillar results covering Timeliness, Attitude, Client Needs, Communication, Value, Care, Overall Perception and Referral. Other client feedback is also given with Strengths, Weaknesses and general comments.

Note the Overall Score is not an average of the customer service pillar scores. The amount of questions for each pillar differs and cannot be weighted evenly.

Results are influenced by your referees and the conversations we have with them. All results are final.


A digital copy of the Australian Achiever Awards logo, with a business’s level of achievement and dated with the year of award, is provided to all entrants achieving over 80%. This implies endorsement of a business’s customer service delivery for a 12-month period.

When using an Australian Achiever Logo, please make sure it is one you have been authorised to use and marked with the year of your achievement. The logo must not be altered in any way (excluding size scaling).

The Australian Achiever logo ™ is Trademark protected. In order to guard its reputation and effectiveness for all businesses using the logo, we reserve the right to withdraw authorisation of use of the logo by any business that demonstrates it no longer respects the principle of quality customer service. The logo must not be altered in any way without prior permission from Australian Achiever Pty Ltd.

By ticking the Terms & Conditions box on the purchase page – you agree to all of the above.
Dated: December 2019